Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Decorate A Tuscan Bedroom With White Furniture

Accent a Tuscan decor theme with white furniture.

The Tuscan decor style takes its cue from rolling Italian landscapes dotted with farms and vibrant flowers. Use Tuscany's rich natural surroundings as inspiration when decorating your bedroom. Incorporate rich, lush hues, such as gold, red and rust orange into the decor style for an authentic look. The vibrant colors will also provide an eye-catching contrast to white bedroom decor. Liven up the furniture with Tuscan textiles, hardware, fabrics and decorative accessories. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Paint the walls a rich, nature-inspired color, such as sky blue, sage green or pomegranate red to provide the backdrop for Tuscan decor.

2. Cover the white wood-framed bed with color-saturated bedding displaying intricate, Tuscan-inspired patterns. Pick a yellow quilt or bedspread with green, red and orange floral patterns. Pick a deep red bedspread featuring ornate gold designs as another option.

3. Incorporate wrought iron into the bedroom design to create an authentic Tuscan look and contrast with the white furniture. Hang wrought iron sconces on the wall above the bed. Install wrought iron clothing hooks and shelves. Suspend a wrought iron chandelier from the bedroom ceiling for a casually elegant look.

4. Enhance the bedroom with Tuscan-inspired decor items. Place terracotta pots filled with green plants on wall shelves for an organic look. Dress up plain walls with colorful paintings featuring Tuscan landscape scenes. Place a lamp with a gently curving wrought iron base and white shade on a nightstand or work desk for style and function.

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