Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Genuine Amish Crafts

Genuine Amish crafts and handiwork can be incorporated into almost any home decor.

The Amish are renowned for their construction, design and crafting work. Wood, metal and textiles are their materials of choice, and from these the Amish create traditional wares that serve a variety of functions and decorative purposes.

Small Woodworking

Small items for in and outside the home are a specialty of Amish woodworkers. Functional objects for the yard, such as birdhouses and mailboxes, are a fun and functional way to appreciate genuine Amish aesthetics and craftsmanship. The Amish have perfected these designs over generations, and the sturdy items will last many years with proper care. Mailboxes and birdhouses, as well as decorative items like small windmills and statues, can be painted and sealed to withstand weather.


Amish women have a long tradition of textile work, most notably quilting. The simple, graphic designs on the best Amish quilts suit nearly any decor, and are found in a range of muted tones and colors. Patchwork, Log Cabin and Star designs are common themes in genuine Amish quilting.


Amish furniture is beloved for its simplicity and structural integrity. Amish furniture makers use oaks and maple woods, and construction techniques passed down through generations. Amish drawers always slide, their tables never wobble, and the simple, functional chairs suit any decor. Amish furniture is often stained to suit buyers, with colored or natural stains that allow the natural color of the wood to show as it ages. Tables, beds and chairs are among the most common pieces of Amish furniture, although outdoor patio furniture and swings are also popular.

Wroght Iron

The Amish have been smelting iron for many generations, carrying on traditional metalwork techniques devised in North America, as well as those brought over from Germany and Holland. Candle and votive holders, outdoor decorations and kitchenware are just a few of the genuine Amish wrought iron crafts found in homes around the country. Amish iron skillets, pots and other cooking implements are crafted according to high traditional standards.

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