Thursday, July 4, 2013

Design A Wall Clock

You can turn most flat objects into interesting clocks.

Make your own clock out of nearly any flat found object. By using a clock kit, you are able to transform a multitude of items into interesting decorative clock faces for your new wall clock. This produces a one of a kind piece of decoration for your home that will stand out. By creating your own clock you can customize the appearance to fit the d cor of your room. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Choose a clock face. Nearly any flat object can become a clock face, so get creative. Consider using a piece of art, a tray, a decorative plate, a piece of wood, or even a skateboard. The main requirement is that the item allows you to place the numbers in exact locations and is made of a material that can be drilled through.

2. Choose the numbers for the clock. The numbers can be painted or written on for a funky look. There are also small number stickers and stencils available at most craft stores. Consider using markers instead of numbers. This opens up your options and allows you to get creative. Use small pictures, sequins, or nails to mark the location of each number.

3. Make a dimple on the clock face where you want the center of the clock to be using a hammer and nail. This is often directly in the center of the clock face, but also looks great off to the side or in a corner. Experiment with ideas to get the best results.

4. Drill a hole through the clock face using an electric drill and a cobalt drill bit. Use the dimple as a guide for the screw. Sand the edges of the hole with a file to clean any jagged edges.

5. Push the stem of the clock mechanism through the hole and attach the washer and nut to hold the mechanism in place. The clock kit comes with all necessary pieces for attaching the mechanism and clock hands.

6. Attach the hour hand first, followed by the minute hand and a nut to hold all of the pieces to the stem. These items are included in the clock kit. If there are directions included in the clock kit, read them to make sure the order of the hands is accurate for that model.

7. Place the second hand on top of the nut and cover the stem with the cap. The clock mechanism is now fully attached to the clock face. To turn it on, add a battery to the back of the clock.

8. Write or attach the numbers every 30 degrees around the face of the clock. Use a protractor to be exact. If the numbers are off, the clock will not accurately tell time.

9. Attach a sawtooth hanger kit using a hammer and nails to add a lip on which to hang the clock. The kit comes with the sawtooth hanger and two small nails.

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