Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tips On Italian And Tuscan Decorating Ideas

Italian and Tuscan style is elegant but cozy.

The warm, inviting nature of Italian and Tuscan design has made it a favorite for interior designers. Between the nature-inspired elements of the Italian landscapes and its roots in classical art and architecture, it is an elegant and charming way to decorate a home. To achieve this look, keep some basic principles of Italian and Tuscan decorating in mind. This style works well in any room of the home, as well as in outdoor spaces. Does this Spark an idea?

Color Scheme

One of the most distinctive elements of Tuscan and Italian style is the color palette. Saturated, bold colors are most common in this style. For example, red, gold, green, orange and yellow will work well in Tuscan-inspired spaces. Also look to colors of the landscape for inspiration. For example, the burgundy of grapes, tan of wheat and straw and soft blues of water can be incorporated into this type of design. Nature-inspired shades of cream and brown can anchor the look. When choosing paint, add texture to the wall with decorative paint treatments, such as sponging or Venetian plaster.

Furniture Style

Wood furniture is not only a durable choice for your home, it is one that can easily be incorporated into Italian style. Also look for pieces that feature wrought iron, as this is another common feature in Italian and Tuscan furniture styles. Dark scrolling ironwork can be seen in table legs, lighting fixtures, outdoor gates and other home decor. Upholstered pieces will add comfort and texture to your home's design.

Window Treatments

Windows are important in Italian and Tuscan design because they allow in warm, natural light that can create a sunny, inviting atmosphere. Paneled curtains are common window treatments for this style, especially those with pull backs that can expose the window and let light in. Look for fabrics with texture and thickness, whether in a light airy cream color or a rich, saturated shade such as brown or red.


Look for accessories that feature natural, rustic elements. For example, terra cotta vases and ceramic tile surfaces are a favorite of Italian and Tuscan design. Also look for mosaic designs, such as with water features and wall art. Classic Italian art in gold or black frames work well on the wall, as do photos or paintings of the Italian landscapes that inspire the room's design. Add comfort to the space with decorative floor rugs and throw pillows or blankets.

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