Monday, July 29, 2013

Ironwork Ideas

Ironwork can make a nice decorative addition to a home or garden.

If you like working with your hands and you've already tried a number of crafts like sewing, macrame and woodworking, and you think you're ready for something more demanding, then ironwork might be the thing for you. There are many ironwork designs from various historical periods and geographical regions to choose from. Even if you aren't making the designs yourself and you just want to choose some ironwork to add to your home or garden, it's good to be familiar with several available choices.


One popular area to incorporate ironwork is in railings, stairwells and landings. Many spiral staircases also utilize ironwork, including in the construction of the steps themselves. Railings and rods allow for extended designs and themes associated with nature. For example, twining vines, flowers or leaves are one option. Ironwork may also be used to fill in the space between a railing and the floor on a balcony to help prevent falling accidents.

Chairs and Tables

Ironwork can take a more integral role than mere decoration. Furniture itself is often constructed using ironwork. Tables and chairs built using ironwork make a nice set of furniture for an outdoor patio or a screened-in porch. Ironwork is also often incorporated into 19th-century street lamps and table lamps. Using ironwork in this way can give a room or street a vintage feel.

Doors and Gates

A very popular way to incorporate ironwork into the overall decor of a home or garden is to embellish doors and gates. Stand-alone iron gates give a refined feel to the threshold of a garden or courtyard or other open space. Ironwork curlicues can also be attached via hinges to wooden doors, a classic look with a Mediterranean feel.


There are a number of historical and regional ironwork styles to choose from. For example, Moorish-influenced Spanish ironwork features ornate, tightly wound arabesques and curlicues, as well as geometric designs typical of Islamic art. This style provides the basis for much European ironwork. Other examples include the more simple yet elegant English style, featuring straight lines and leaf motifs. For an Asian feel, there is Japanese-style ironwork like the Kyoto Deco style, featuring many right angles and natural imagery.

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