Thursday, July 25, 2013

Make Decorative Ornament Hooks

Make your own ornament hooks with bendable wire stock.

While ordinary plain wire ornament hooks do the job of holding your ornaments on the tree, they are not as attractive as they could be. With a few jewelry-making supplies, you can make your own ornament hooks with a decorative touch without spending much more than you do on ordinary hooks. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Cut a 4-inch section of 18-gauge wire with wire cutters for each hook you want to make.

2. Pinch one end of a wire with needle-nosed pliers and pull it tightly against the sides of a 1/4- inch dowel, wrapping it around the dowel to create a hook on one end.

3. Slide some colorful seed beads onto the straight end of the wire. Use the traditional red and green colored beads for Christmas or use colors that complement nontraditional decor colors you use.

4. Pinch the straight end of the wire with needle-nosed pliers and wrap it once around a 1/2-inch dowel.

5. Slide the wire off of the dowel and pinch the end again, twisting it to coil it inward, creating a spiral shape.

6. Slide the wire loop of ornaments onto the hook-end of the ornament hooks and slide them down to the spiral end. Hang the hook ends over branches on your Christmas tree.

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