Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Decorate Candles With Ribbon

Turn a bunch of old, half-burned candles into a new table or room decoration. With just a little piece of ribbon, a group of taper candles can be bunched together to create the effect of a multi-wick pillar candle and an old pillar candle can serve as a gorgeous centerpiece. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Select either several tall taper candles (to create the effect of a pillar candle), or a few larger pillar candles. Choose candles according to height, color and fragrance to assure that they will compliment each other.

2. Select various ribbons that go with color scheme you have selected. You can use ribbon that is thin, thick, wired or satin, among others. This is a great project to use your scrap pieces of ribbon for.

3. Bunch the taper candles and wrap the ribbon as close to the base of the candles as possible, but be sure the bunch of taper candles is still sturdy. If you are using pillar candles, the placement of the ribbon is less important. No matter what size candle you are using, it is important to remember that where you place the ribbon limits the amount of burn time you will get out of the candle. For safety, you cannot allow the candle to burn down to anywhere near the beginning of the ribbon.

4. Hot glue the seam of the ribbon so the ribbon is tightly wound around the candle(s).

5. Place the decorative candle in a candle holder or glass dish and use a room decor or as a centerpiece on your dinner table.

Tags: taper candles, pillar candle, create effect, pillar candles