Friday, October 9, 2009

Decorate A Castle Home

A castle home requires time and care when decorating.

Castle homes are both architecturally challenging and aesthetically pleasing. Decorating one of these homes takes painstaking planning and care. It also requires a willingness on your part to dig deeply into your wallet in order to complete your space -- your incredibly large space -- justice. The end result, as you implement these ideas, is a home fit for a king. Your friends and family will enjoy the touches you add to your castle home. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Shop for furniture that is scaled to suit the enormity of your home. Castle homes have large rooms and high ceilings that dwarf furniture that is too small for the space provided. Over-stuffed sofas and high-back, ornate settees and plump ottomans serve a large living area like this well. Four-poster beds, highboys and chifforobes suit large bedrooms.

2. Colorful tapestries are perfect in large dining rooms.

Choose ornate accent pieces when decorating your walls, tables and fireplaces. Remember that your home is literally your castle. Adorn it with decor that define the rooms accordingly. Gold-leafed mirrors may look cheesy in a small ranch home, but look brilliant in a long, castle-like hallway. Modern art can bring your castle into the 21st century, as long as you choose large pieces as opposed to smaller works of art that will get lost in the mix. You can display these contemporary works of art above your fireplaces. Large tapestries hung in dining rooms provide rich color variations.

3. Light your foyer with a large chandelier.

Keep lighting functional while making a statement. A dainty single-bulb hanging lamp will look out of place hanging in your foyer. Hang a multi-armed chandelier dripping with crystals instead. Wrought-iron sconces in the hallways and Italian lamps with half-shades on tall, candlestick buffet lamps serve as conversation starters. These half-shades are purposely just that -- half a lamp shade. These shades allow light to bounce off the wall, creating a romantic ambiance in any room of your castle home.

4. Duppioni silk drapes are light and airy.

Use rich fabrics on windows and bedding. A dainty cotton curtain will look ghastly in an ornate kitchen or bathroom window. However, if you can follow pattern directions, you can forgo the cost of store-bought drapes or professional decorators by making them yourself. Note that just because your castle home is worthy of finer materials, doesn't mean you are relegated to heavy brocades or jacquard prints. Duppioni silk drapes look light and airy, without overpowering rooms.

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