Friday, October 30, 2009

Spanishstyle Decorating Ideas For The Bedroom

Decorative ironwork incorporates the look of Old World craftsmanship in Spanish design.

The Spanish style of interior design is exemplified by rich colors, a mixture of textures and accessories with outstanding craftsmanship. It provides a feel of timelessness and authenticity, with comfort and conviviality deep at its heart. Spanish-style decorating for the bedroom should incorporate the feel of comfort and hospitality, along with a spirit of Old World artistry and romance. Does this Spark an idea?


Spanish styling incorporates a number of different furniture looks, from the heavy carving of European craftsmen to the simplified but substantial look of Mission-style pieces. Dark woods fit in well with Spanish and Mediterranean themes, while hardware can be intricately formed or simple pieces with a hand-wrought appearance. Beds are often wrought iron, with canopy drapings. Bedroom chairs in soft leathers invite reading and familiar conversation.

Natural Textures

Spanish styling brings in the textures of the environment that surrounds it, utilizing wood, leather, copper, iron, raffia and woven cloth. Plants are a part of this natural environment, so add greenery to bring in the outdoors that the Spanish so love. Rich damask draperies, repetitive patterns, folk artistry and elaborate tapestry can all be a part of your Spanish bedroom design. Even velvet and corduroy upholstery can add distinction to the room.

Vibrant Colors

An appreciation of color is an important part of the Spanish culture. Colors can range from the deep jewel tones in the reds, greens and purples of historic textiles to the fresh hues of the farms and ranches. Bright, hand-painted pottery and dark wood items help to give rooms a casual, friendly look. Red, yellow, orange and rust add touches of sunlight to the room. Repeat color to draw the eye from room to room, according to Interior Design Daily.

Hand-wrought Accessories

Accessories set the stage for Spanish style in bedrooms, with wood-framed mirrors, traditionally styled lamps and woven textiles that bring color and interest to the room. Even modern Spanish style, with cleaner lines and a broader use of color, often brings in traditional ironwork designs, wood beams and heavy drapery fabrics to give it a luxurious touch, according to ARDecor. Paintings and wall hangings of the Spanish countryside and historic themes complete the look. The soft glow of burnished brass, silver and rust-colored metal all give a bedroom the historic look of Old Spain.

Light & Depth

Spanish haciendas often use the subdued lighting that brings a feel of hominess and intimacy to a room. Metalwork chandeliers enhance the Spanish feel, while candelabras on mantels and shelves add to the Old World, romantic look.

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