Friday, October 2, 2009

French Country House Gifts

Rooster-patterned plate

French country style is reminiscent of farmhouses in rural France. The design intersects both casual and elegant elements. Look for home decor gifts featuring rich, elegant hues such as gold, cobalt blue, pomegranate red, and chocolate brown. Choose decorative accents with country-inspired patterns and touches. French country decor ranges from soft and delicate to earthy and rustic, so you can customize your gift to reflect the recipient's preferences.

Shabby Chic Style

French country and shabby chic styles are very similar. Both styles embrace a juxtaposition of luxurious and rustic details. Give a friend a whitewashed wood picture frame that hangs from a floppy pink satin ribbon. Fill a vintage pastel-hued glass bottle with elegant sweetheart roses. An antique glass cake dish will brighten up a French country-inspired kitchen when filled with lemons and limes. For a luxurious housewarming gift, buy a butter yellow or soft green-colored cashmere blanket.

Rooster-Inspired Decor

Rooster-patterned decor items will fit right into a French country home. A rooster-shaped candy dish in a vibrant red or blue shade will enhance a coffee table. Buy rooster-inspired kitchen items, such as plates, dish towels, or an apron. A whimsical rooster-shaped cutting board will make a decorative and useful gift.

Toile-Patterned Items

Elegant toile-patterned fabric is quintessential French country decor. The pattern, which typically features a white background and pastel-hued designs, is found on everything from shower curtains to upholstery. Buy several pink and light pink toile-patterned decorative pillows, which the recipient can use in her living room or bedroom. Perfume-scented toile drawer liners will add an elegant touch to a bathroom.

Rustic Elements

French country style embraces rustic elements, such as wrought iron and rough-hewn wood. Give a friend a bird-shaped wrought iron votive holder filled with a scented candle. Wrought iron bookends will infuse a den or home office with an earthy quality. As a sentimental gift, fill a rough-hewn wood picture frame with an image of you and the gift recipient. Rustic terra cotta pots filled with herbs such as lavender, thyme, and rosemary make thoughtful presents. As a personalized touch, decorate the plain plant pots using craft paint and stencils; create rooster or floral patterns.

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