Friday, October 9, 2009

Try To Design An English Or Irish Pub Room

Beer is often served by the pint in pubs.

When choosing design a pub room, you have many choices. Common pub room themes include small village style pubs, city style pubs, and castle style pubs. Some people even prefer a mishmash of these different styles by picking their favorites items from each theme and making a pub-inspired style all their own. Regional themes can also be incorporated to give a more Irish or British pub feel to the room by incorporating different works of art. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Choose a theme for your pub room. Ask yourself if you want a small village feel, a city feel, a castle feel, or a mixture of elements from all the above.

2. Cover the walls of your pub room with wood, stones, slate, or stucco to give it the look and texture that will suit your chosen theme.

3. Cover the floors of your pub room with wood, stones, slate, or tiles to match the theme you're trying to achieve.

4. Hang up posters and paintings depicting your theme. For example, you can display posters depicting the Irish countryside, or paintings displaying British streets. You can also add signs depicting local advertisements such as the various different brews of beer.

5. Purchase a pub bar, or have one built. Pub themes are popular and many local furniture stores sell pub bars along with other pub furniture items. If you're looking for a customized bar to suit your space, hire a contractor and have one built to your specifications.

6. Set up pub stools by the bar and pub tables and chairs around the room. Again, local furniture stores have a variety of different pub-styled stools and table sets to choose from.

7. Accessorize the room with mirrors, swords, dart boards, sets of armor, or any other decorations that fit with your chosen pub theme.

8. Install a pub-styled beer tap into your bar. Having beer on tap is vital when designing an authentic pub room.

9. Display pint-sized pub glasses on the bar. The pint glasses can be plain, or can also fit in with your theme. For example, you could purchase British pub glasses that display the official Royal Crown government stamp or Irish pub glasses displaying shamrocks.

10. Install a fireplace. If you're unable to install a real fireplace, you can purchase a realistic electric one.

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