Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Installing A Wrought Iron Fence On Porch Steps

Wrought iron fences can have very intricate designs.

Concrete porch steps can be a dangerous place if there isn't a fence or railing along the sides of the steps, preventing potential falls and injuries, not just from hitting the ground but by clipping the side of the steps or the porch on the way down. Installing a railing along the side of the steps can prevent falls and provide something for people to hold onto as they climb the steps. Using a wrought iron fence can provide a classic look to your steps. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Move the fencing into position on the steps where you plan on installing it. Have an assistant help hold the fencing in place while you position it. Place it an equal distance from the edges of the steps on both sides. Mark the position of the bolt holes onto the steps then remove the fencing.

2. Drill pilot holes for the bolts into the steps with a masonry drill bit.

3. Remove the bolts from the sleeve anchors and insert the sleeve anchors into the pilot holes. Gently tap the sleeve anchors into the holes with a hammer if they won't slide in easily.

4. Place the fencing back onto the steps, lining up the holes in the bottom of the fencing over the holes in the steps.

5. Drive the bolts into the sleeve anchors but don't over-tighten them to prevent breaking off the anchors.

6. Paint the bolt heads to match the color of the wrought iron fencing.

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