Friday, October 16, 2009

Paint Cast Iron

Properly prepare cast iron for a successful paint job.

Because it is a durable, nonporous surface, cast iron is poorly suited for painted finishes. If you apply paint directly over under-prepared cast iron, you can expect to see heavy shedding at some point in the future. You will need to condition the cast iron to accept paint. Once the cast iron is appropriately primed, you can apply the final finish. Choose a particular type of paint depending on whether the cast-iron piece is placed outside or is used in the interior of a home.


1. Wash the cast iron with a water-based degreaser, using steel wool. Rinse the cleanser from the cast iron using a water hose or damp rags, depending on where the piece is located.

2. Apply galvanized metal self-etching primer to the clean cast iron surface with a polyester paintbrush. Apply only a light coat and brush in a vertical direction. Watch for runs and smooth them with the brush as they become apparent. Wait four hours for the primer to dry.

3. Clean the polyester brush with water.

4. Apply latex paint to the primed surface with a clean polyester brush if the cast-iron piece is placed indoors. Use an acrylic latex paint on a piece that is set outside. Apply a light coat and brush vertically. Wait two hours for the paint to dry. Add another coat of paint if the etching primer shows through.

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