Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Decorate A Log Cabin Kitchen

Decorate a log cabin's kitchen with rustic decor.

Decorate a log cabin with a combination of woodsy and sophisticated design elements. Living in a log cabin doesn't always mean roughing it, so enhance the kitchen with elegant pieces and classy textiles. Use nature as inspiration when choosing a kitchen color palette; stick with warm tones and neutral accents. Display handmade items as a creative, homey touch. Bring a bit of the rural outdoors in with live plants and forest-inspired patterns. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Enhance a log cabin kitchen with a rough hewn wood table. Choose a table featuring unpolished recycled barn wood and matching chairs for a rustic look. Decorate the table with red, blue and green plaid place mats and coordinating cloth napkins. Instead of place mats, pick a plaid tablecloth or runner.

2. Hang a wrought iron chandelier above the kitchen table as a soft lighting element. Choose a chandelier featuring lacy scrollwork details for a combination of rustic and elegant details. Install wrought iron wall sconces by the sink, above an island, or anywhere else you desire extra lighting. Display favorite wine bottles in a wrought iron rack.

3. Store kitchen utensils in handmade ceramic vessels for a creative look. Store silverware, spatulas and wood mixing spoons in earth-toned containers on a counter top. Display culinary herbs and green plants in burnt orange, brick red, sage green and rich yellow ceramic pots.

4. Replace modern hardware with rustic versions. Enhance kitchen cabinets with copper or wrought iron handles. Install coordinating drawer pulls and door knobs.

5. Add a pop of color to a log cabin kitchen with window treatments. Choose curtains featuring a warm, nature-inspired color such as forest green or pomegranate red. Pick curtains featuring small antler or pine cone patterns as a whimsical touch.

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