Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Decorate A Bedroom With A Black Metal Bed

A black metal bed is gender neutral, modern and stylish.

When you design the decor of a room around a specific item of furniture, this can limit your decor choices. However, a metal bed in classic black complements a huge range of different colors and styles, from a sophisticated black-and-white color scheme to romantic Gothic style and warm and cozy Moroccan decor. No matter what sort of atmosphere you wish to create, a black metal bed offers you a lot of creative range. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Create a warm, cozy and inviting space by combining the black metal bed with a Moroccan theme. Use jewel-tone colors such as ruby red and sapphire blue with gold and black accents. Add lots of intricately patterned fabrics to the room, such as Persian-style rugs, fabric wall hangings, throws and cushions. Dress the bed in a combination of silks and satins, pile on the cushions and add a canopy for a desert-tent feel. Finish with black wrought-iron accessories and Moroccan lamps.

2. Develop a Gothic theme for a sultry, romantic space. A Gothic bedroom doesn't have to be black; choose any color scheme you fancy. White bedding stands out beautifully against the black bed frame, and the addition of soft, lacy fabrics and vintage accessories create a romantic feel. Use items such as mirrors, picture frames and tabletop accessories featuring medieval and Gothic designs. To embrace the theme even further, add a touch of fantasy with dragon or gargoyle figurines.

3. Embrace the black of the bed with an entirely black bedroom. Use a range of different textures and finishes by combining matte and gloss paints and wallpaper. Combine different shades of black with very dark grays and place one brightly colored cushion on the bed to lift the whole color scheme. Add lots of soft furnishings and fabric in the form of extravagant bed and window dressing, cushions and throws to prevent the room from looking oppressive and boring.

4. Combine black with white for a stylish, sophisticated room. Paint the walls white except for an accent wall covered with black wallpaper, or vice versa. Alternatively, paint all the walls white and use black on the skirting boards and woodwork for a lighter, brighter feel. Use geometric patterns and shapes on fabrics for a funky modern feel or choose softer, nature-inspired patterns for a slightly more feminine feel. Combine a range of black and white tabletop accessories to finish the look.

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