Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fix A Squeaking Bed Frame

Squeaky bed frames are the sleeper's nightmare: the sometimes constant noises as you shift your body weight can result in a restless night. The problem, however, can easily be fixed via some investigative work and a few simple tools. Often, this can save you the added expense of buying a new bed frame just to get rid of the noise. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Attempt to determine the cause of the noise. If the bed has a metal frame, check all bolts to make sure they are fastened tightly. If it is a wooden bed, make sure that the nails have not begun to work themselves out of the wood.

2. Ask yourself: Is the noise occurring constantly, or does it seem to be related to a certain time of year or weather condition? If it is the former, the cause was likely covered in the previous step. If it is the latter, silencing the noise may be slightly more difficult.

3. Locate where the noise is coming from and start your work here, tightening bolts and or driving nails back in. Using some WD-40 or a similar lubricant may also help to quiet the bed frame down.

4. If applying the lubricant and fastening the bolts does not work, detach each bolt and add a plastic washer. Wrapping the bolts in sealant tape is also another option.

5. If the above step does not work, look to other possible causes that involve the mattress or boxspring and replace them as needed.

6. When a bed frame starts to squeak and needs repair, it is a possibly sign that it the frame is in need of replacement. Check the frame regularly to prevent recurrence of the noise, and if the above steps fail, consider getting a new one.

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