Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Is A Swing Driveway

Swing driveway gates are common for large houses or estates.

A swing driveway refers to a driveway gate that swings open and closed. Driveway gates add function, elegance and curb appeal to a home. They also add security to the home by closing the property off. The gate can be programmed to open when a code is entered or a button is pushed, or it can be activated simply by the weight of a vehicle. Does this Spark an idea?

Material and Design

Swing driveway gates commonly are made of wood or metal, and sometimes both materials, such as a metal gate with wood planks filling the gaps in between each metal bar. Swinging gates are designed to swing open and closed either from the middle or one side. Single side-swing gates are more common and easier to install, according to the Gate Information Center, while double gates that meet in the middle can accommodate larger areas.

Driveway Length

Swing driveway gates can accommodate almost any driveway length or size. Long, winding driveways often have a swing gate near the driveway's entrance, commonly near the property border. Shorter driveways can have swing gates as well, as long as there is room for the gate to open completely. The driveway and gate construction might be used to conceal a house for added security.

Custom Gates

Gate manufacturers sell standard swing gates to install on your driveway. However, you also can order custom gates designed to your taste specifically for your driveway and property. You might get a custom gate with your family name or initials etched onto the front of the gate, or a different design or word to add your own personality. You also can choose the gate's appearance, including the materials used as well as the height and shape of the gate.

Other Options

In addition to swing gates, driveway gates can consist of sliding gates, which do not swing in and out but, Instead, slide into and a out of a housing to let vehicles or people enter or leave a property. Some people also hire security staff to operate sliding or swing gates to ensure no unwanted visitors are granted access to a house.

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