Thursday, August 5, 2010

Build Wrought Iron Projects

Design a wrought iron project to fulfill a specific need.

Wrought iron projects take on the shape of many items, including benches, tables, chandeliers, candlesticks, sculptures and railings. The use of wrought iron projects is determined by need. Designing the project is a fun and exciting endeavor, as discarded pieces of wrought iron can make unique and unusual projects. The key is to arrange the pieces into a visually pleasing design. Welding wrought iron pieces together to create a project brings great satisfaction to the artist.


1. Draw a detailed design of the project on a piece of paper. Add height, width, depth and shape descriptions to the drawing. For example, a wrought iron gate 4-feet tall by 8-feet long. Give the design inside the frame straight and curled pieces of wrought iron. Add a flat sun design to adorn the center of the gate. The sun is a disk of metal 3-feet in diameter.

2. Draw the 3-foot circle on a piece of 1/8-inch sheet of iron using plumber's chalk or soapstone. Cut the circle from the iron using a band saw with a metal blade. Use time and patience to cut the circle to avoid nicks in the edges.

3. Clear an area on a concrete floor 6-by-10 feet. Place the 3-foot circle in the center of the area. Place the 4-by-8-foot straight wrought iron frame around the outside of the circle. Overlap the 4- and 8-foot pieces to create the frame.

4. Place straight wrought iron posts in the frame work at the desired locations. Bend the remaining posts in the shape desired by placing the end in a bench vise. Roll the wrought iron over the desired pipe width. For example; if a 4-inch curve is desired, then roll the wrought iron around a 4-inch metal pipe. This process is difficult. Bending iron takes muscle. Individuals who own a wrought iron bender do not need a bench vise.

5. Make angled posts by placing the metal in the desired position. Weld the pieces together to create the desired post shape. Place the post in the desired location on the gate. For example; creating a diamond from the wrought iron takes four pieces of 21-inch wrought iron. Make a template to place the four pieces so they are 4 feet tall when complete. Weld in the appropriate spots.

6. Secure the wrought iron frame together and weld the four corners. Reposition the posts to make sure they still fit. Weld the posts and the center circle into place. Weld additional pieces of wrought iron to the circle to create the face of the sun. Rays may be added if desired.

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