Thursday, August 26, 2010

Decorate A Front Porch Swing

A swing is a classic porch decor element.

Swings are decorative and functional accessories for the front porch area of a home. They create a simple, country-style atmosphere and an inviting environment. Decorating a front porch swing can be an enjoyable and rewarding home improvement project. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Choose a dark chain for a rich-toned porch swing design. Many porch swings have stainless steel or white support chains, but for a more rustic design, choose a wrought iron style.

2. Select patterned seat cushions. Weather-resistant seat cushions are a valuable addition to a front porch swing. These decorative accessories add color and texture to the traditional front porch decor. A bold, striped pattern, in rich color hues like red or brown can be a focal point on the front porch area.

3. Add solid-colored throw pillows, a throw blanket and a floor rug. Across one arm of the porch swing, throw a soft throw blanket in a solid color that is also found in the stripes or pattern of the seat cushions. Add a couple of friendly throw pillows in a coordinating pattern. For example, a striped seat cushion with floral print throw pillows can work well. Place below the swing a rug that matches the color of the throw blanket.

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