Friday, August 6, 2010

Decorate Around White Wroughtiron Headboards

White wrought iron adds a fresh design element.

White-painted wrought iron is a staple of shabby chic and cottage decor. It also features prominently in French country and other romantic design styles. As a headboard, wrought iron allows the pattern and color of the wall to show through the openwork, creating its own design element. Decide if you want to feature your headboard or if you want it to blend seamlessly into the room decor, and plan your design strategy accordingly. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Paint the walls a fresh, clean white to take emphasis off of the headboard. If you want the headboard color to pop, use a saturated pastel hue on the walls to keep the palette light but vibrant.

2. Dress the bed with linens that complement your color and design scheme. This might mean white eyelet pillow shams and bed skirt, a country patchwork quilt or a luxurious down comforter with a toile or damask duvet cover. Keep the colors light and bright, avoiding rich, dark hues that contrast too sharply with the headboard.

3. Add throw pillows with a similar color scheme to the bedding but ones that contain a contrasting pattern, to add visual interest to the bed. Echo this technique in the window treatments, using elements from the bedding to tie the decor together.

4. Place an area rug or throw rug on the floor to pick up colors from the bedding and walls and ease the transition to the flooring color.

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