Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Separate A Cast Iron Pipe

Cast iron pipe is still used in household sewer lines today.

Sewer systems use cast iron pipes around the world due to their strength. Today, though PVC and ABS plastic piping are mostly used, cast iron is still installed where code permits. You separate cast iron pipe with a snap cutter. The cutter has two long handles, with a chain attached to the end of one handle. With a chain wrapped around the pipe, the other handle has a hook which the chain connects to. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Mark the point to separate the cast iron sewer pipe with a carpenter's pencil.

2. Open the snap cutter's handles and wrap the chain around the pipe. Pull the chain taut, making sure it rests on the mark and that the chain fits perpendicular to the pipe.

3. Slip the nearest chain link into the hook on the end of one of the cutter's handles. Push the cutter's handles together, to create a clean straight cut through the pipe.

4. Open the cutter's handles and remove the chain from around the pipe.

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