Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cut A Brass Rod

Cut a brass rod with a hacksaw.

A hacksaw will cut through a brass rod, but you'll have the best results if you use a new, sharp blade, and tighten the nut on the saw until the saw frame begins to bow just a bit. A sharp, taut blade will make for faster, easier sawing. Remember also that the blade cuts only on the down-stroke, so apply pressure only then so that the blade doesn't bind or snap as you work.


1. Secure the brass rod in the vise so that the area to be cut is near the teeth of the vise for optimal stability, but just far enough away to allow for an easy sawing motion.

2. Put on protective eye gear, so that flying metal chips don't get into your eyes as you saw.

3. Notch the saw blade into the metal rod at the point you wish to make the cut by making a few short saw strokes. This will provide a track for the blade, and make it easier to keep the saw cutting straight into the metal.

4. Continue to saw, remembering that only the forward stroke will cut; only apply downward pressure with the forward strokes. The metal rod and the blade may become warm or hot as you saw, so don't touch either with bare hands or fingers until they've had time to cool.

5. Support the length of the rod, when you near the end of the cut, so that it won't bend and break before you get it cut through.

6. Smooth the cut edge with a metal file if it has sharp ridges or if a smooth finish is desirable for your project.

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