Monday, August 9, 2010

Plan A Baby Shower With A Paris Theme

Utilize old-fashioned prams and poodles for decorations.

Planning a Paris-themed baby shower is an enchanting way to honor a mom-to-be who is a fan of this European city. French-inspired decorations are sure to give the party a delightful "ooh la la" atmosphere that appeals to all attendees. Baby showers that exude Parisian ambiance are typically classic and elegant. This is an excellent way to make the guest of honor feel special and pampered before the arrival of her newborn. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Pick pink, black and white for your baby showers colors. This gives a Parisian ambiance to the room. If you know the mom-to-be is expecting a boy, add splashes of lavender, mint green or even charcoal gray to the decor.

2. Set miniature Eiffel towers around the room. These are available in many sizes and materials, such as wrought iron, plastic and faux metal. Browse through party supply, dollar and discount stores to find these inexpensive decorations.

3. Find baby shower invitations that have a Paris or European influence in the design. For example, choose one that has a woman pushing an old-fashioned pram accompanied by a charming poodle or even a simple design with the Eiffel tower in the background.

4. Choose hors d'oeuvres that are often served in Paris, such as fruit-filled crepes, brie drizzled with honey and served with savory crackers, crusty baguette slices served with different kinds of cheeses and meats for miniature sandwiches, and sweet macaroons for dessert. The foods help enhance the theme of the baby shower.

5. Order a cake with a French theme, such as a faithful dog in a jaunty beret lying next to a baby crib. Other ideas include a tiered cake with a plastic Eiffel tower on the top layer. Surround the tower with miniature baby rattles, pacifiers and diaper pins. If you prefer cupcakes, place them on a silver cupcake tower to add a touch of pizzazz to the serving table. Order cupcakes with marzipan decorations on the frosting, such as pink bows, silhouettes of black poodles or mint green berets. A beautifully decorated cake or cupcake tower is a perfect centerpiece for the table.

6. Pin up posters with a European theme around the room. Do this with clear pushpins. This is an inexpensive way to add the look of a bistro or French cottage to the party venue.

7. Display vases with flowers that add the look of an English country garden to the room. Queen Anne's lace, delphiniums, sweet William, gladiolus, larkspur and lavender are wise choices for adding European ambiance.

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