Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Decorate A Country Bathroom On A Budget

Use antique brass fixtures in your country bathrooms.

Decorating a bathroom with country decor brings charm and nostalgia to the room. Many of the items you need to decorate a country bathroom are inexpensive because they are refurbished pieces. Recycle old dressers, bookcases, barn boards, and antiques. You can find vintage country furniture and accessories at antiques centers, farm auctions, and thrift and secondhand stores. Use colors like antique white, weathered-wood gray, red, and blue. Country-theme bathrooms make a great choice for cottages, second homes, and country homes. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Use old barn boards to create wainscoting. Create a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal pattern 36 to 48 inches high using 2-by-4-foot or 2-by-6-foot boards. Use weathered nails to attach the boards to the walls. Top the wainscoting with a chair rail made from a 2-by-4-foot board mounted horizontally.

2. Paint the upper walls antique white, or hang wallpaper that has a vintage-inspired pattern.

3. Accessorize with inexpensive antiques and resale shop items. Choose a theme for coordinating pictures and accessories: sunflowers, American flags, stars, barn animals, farm equipment, or antique signs.

4. Use barn boards or weathered wood to make shelves to hold old books, vases, and knickknacks. Install wrought-iron brackets on the wall to mount the shelves.

5. Use a milk pail, crock, or bucket as a wastebasket. Use old mason jars to hold toothbrushes or flowers and to use as a drinking glass. Use vintage baskets to hold towels, toilet paper, or magazines.

6. Install recycled, wrought-iron hardware on the cabinets and bathroom door.

7. Create towel holders from wood pegs or wrought-iron hooks. Hang white towels on the pegs or hooks.

8. Replace the toilet seat with an oak seat. Place an oval rag rug in front of the tub and toilet.

9. Place a wicker chair or antique chair in a corner.

10. Install wood shutters on the windows. Paint the shutters white.

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