Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Make A Princess Toddler Bed

Your toddler will love a princess bed

The transition from sleeping in a crib to a toddler bed is new and exciting for a child, and at the same time can be confusing and distressing. Typically when your child reaches 18 months to 2 years old, you might want to consider the move to a "big-kid bed." To help ease this transition, make the new toddler bed a special, personalized place for the child. Little girls who love princesses may enjoy a princess toddler bed. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Consult your little princess. Ask your little girl her favorite colors, favorite princesses or anything else she would love on her new toddler bed. Involving your toddler in the decision-making for the new bed ensures the bed will be accepted and appreciated.

2. Select a bed frame. Many furniture stores offer a wide variety of toddler bed frames to choose from. Try any of these classic bed frame styles for a beautiful princess bed: a simple white wood frame with a pretty headboard; a wrought iron frame with swirly designs; a canopy bed frame; a four-poster frame; or a typical girl's headboard covered in pink fabric.

3. Select a color. Pink is the obvious choice for a princess toddler bed. However, you can also opt for a silver, white or yellow frame, with pink bedding. Or select a pink frame with white or another color bedding--purple or a pretty pale green or baby blue. You can choose sparkly paint to give the bed frame a special touch.

4. Select bedding. Bedding for your little one should be soft and comfortable. Try flannel or cotton sheets with a higher thread count. You can even find bedding sets with a pattern of your toddler's favorite princess from TV or the movies. Sets will generally include matching sheets, a pillow case and a bed skirt. Find a warm matching comforter in a pink with ruffles or perhaps white with pink bows. Match the color of the comforter with the sheets and the bed frame color.

5. Add finishing touches. To give the toddler princess bed even more of an elegant look, add some finishing touches, such as small bed pillows, cute princess dolls, princess stickers to put on the bed frame, jewels to hot glue onto the frame, or find princess stencils at your local craft store to paint a pretty design onto the frame.

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