Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Replace Balusters With Iron

Iron balusters make a strong design statement.

Dress up the look of your staircase with iron balusters. Choose from a variety of iron baluster designs and consider using more than one design for a custom look. Learn replace your old balusters with new iron ones and you'll save on installation and be able to make your own design choices. Lay out the balusters before you cut them so you can decide what pattern you want before you begin the installation process. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Remove the old balusters by cutting through them. Use a jigsaw to cut through the middle of each baluster and twist until it comes out. Use pliers to remove nails, and sandpaper the holes lightly to clean out leftover glue.

2. Measure from inside the holes at the top and bottom to decide how long your iron balusters need to be. Use a band saw to cut the iron balusters to size. Cut the same amount off of the top and bottom, and shim with wood shims to keep the design on your new baluster centered.

3. Squirt epoxy in the holes and insert your iron balusters. Make the baluster straight and tape it in place with low tack painter's tape. If you have shoes or caps on your balusters, tape them to the baluster so they don't get glued into the wrong position. Let the epoxy dry overnight.

4. Remove the tape from your shoes. Set your shoes in place and secure by screwing them to the floor or rail. Use a drill and set the screws that came with the shoes through the holes in the shoe and into the floor or rail.

5. Pull off the painter's tape and slide the shoes and caps into position. Screw them to the top and bottom of each baluster.

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