Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Remove Candle Wax From Metal

Candles add to the atmosphere but can leave a mess.

Candles add light and ambiance to any room but the mess they leave behind can be hard to clean up. It's possible to remove spilled or hardened candle wax off metal without damaging the surface. By following a few simple steps using supplies found in most homes, you'll be able to clean your metal surface, leaving no trace of candle wax behind. Does this Spark an idea?


Clean Candle Wax Off A Metal Surface

1. Use the heat from a hair dryer to melt the wax.

Set your hair dryer on low-medium heat and aim at the hardened candle wax. Continue until the wax has liquefied. Avoid using the high setting so the liquefied wax doesn't splatter from the force of the air. It's best to liquefy the wax with your hair dryer so you can wipe it away rather than trying to scrape hardened wax off. Scraping often results in scratching or damaging the surface.

2. Wipe up wax with a towel.

Wipe the liquefied wax with a clean towel. Fold the towel over to a clean area frequently or use another towel. Continue to wipe up the liquefied wax from the metal until all that's left is a waxy shine but no wax. Use a towel that can be discarded afterward since the wax will not wash out.

3. Buff the surface with a used dryer sheet.

Buff the area with a dryer sheet you've already used in the dryer. Rub the metal in a circular motion until the waxy shine is gone and all that remains is the normal shine of the metal surface.

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