Thursday, July 26, 2012

Calculate The Cost Of An Iron Fence

Iron fences offer decorative and effective area barriers for just about any situation, from backyards to decks. This material is most commonly made in modular lengths, making it simple for anyone with a tape measure and calculator to estimate the amount necessary for a fence and to calculate the total cost. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Measure the perimeter of the fence using the tape measure. It may be easiest to measure each side individually and add together once finished. This will be the total amount of fence panels needed.

2. Multiply the calculation from step 1 by 1.05 to accommodate 5% wasted material.

3. Divide the total length of fencing needed by the unit length of fence. Round to the next highest number if you calculate a decimal; most iron fences are manufactured in unit lengths like 8 or 10 feet. This will not only determine how many fence panels you will need, but also the number of fence posts, at one post per panel.

4. Multiply the number of iron fence panels and fence posts you plan to use by the unit cost.

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