Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kitchen Lighting Of The 1920s

The 1920s saw the end of the fussy decorating style of the Victorian era and ushered in new styles that focused on clean, modern and simple lines. Homeowners had the choice of decorating in the art deco, Craftsman, colonial or Tudor decorating styles. When decorating with a 1920s style, choose the kitchen lighting decor that best fits the architecture and design of your home. Does this Spark an idea?

Art Deco

The art deco decorating style was a modern look for homes in the 1920s. Chrome and glass fixtures coordinate well with the clean look of an art deco kitchen. Pendant lighting with glass drops of varying heights work well in a colorful art deco kitchen and provides task lighting over work areas. Use pieces with bright chrome to enhance the modern look of the art deco pendant lights. Wall sconces in a bowl or fan shape can add more lighting to the kitchen. Homeowners in the 1920s preferred bright kitchens that appealed to the increased concerns about sanitation and cleanliness.

American Craftsman

The Craftsman style of interior design has simple elegant lines, brass and bronze fixtures and colored glass. Common colors for the glass in a Craftsman light include caramel or amber shades. The warm colors add an inviting appearance to the 1920's kitchen. Craftsman d cor has a simple, warm and rustic appearance.


Colonial architecture and decorating styles experienced a revival during the 1920s. The kitchens in a colonial revival home were more luxurious than early colonial homes. More homeowners had access to electricity, and modern appliances made their way into colonial kitchens. The lighting choices for a colonial revival home include elaborate and elegant ceiling lights with multiple bell globes situated above a table set up for meals. Candle-shaped lighting fixtures are a favorite choice for the nostalgic decorating style as well. Finishes for the fixtures include brass, antique copper and brushed nickel.

Spanish Eclectic

Spanish or Mediterranean style homes experienced a revival during the 1920s. For the ceiling lights in a Spanish style kitchen, select pieces with dark wrought iron that have a Gothic appearance. Wall sconces with electric candles create the look of a bygone era in the modern kitchen. The lighting fixtures should have a heavy, hand-hammered appearance to decorate the kitchen in a Mediterranean or Spanish revival style.

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