Friday, July 6, 2012

Wrought Iron Garden Features

A decorative wrought iron garden fence.

Wrought iron can be a distinctive and decorative feature for any garden style. Whether you choose to enclose a garden with a wrought iron fence or hang wrought iron art on a garden wall, any touch of this decorative material will enhance your garden space. Wrought iron will also stand the test of time and the elements, making it a good choice for your outdoor décor. Does this Spark an idea?


Decorative wrought iron fence gate to enclose a garden courtyard.

One of the most versatile design features in a garden is a wrought iron fence. Wrought iron fencing can be decorative with scrolled and floral elements, or it can be simple. Either design style presents an elegant image around your vegetable, herb or flower garden.

A wrought iron gate can be part of the garden fencing or it can be a stand-alone decorative feature in the garden. Prop an old, wrought iron gate against an existing wood or vinyl fence to add instant charm to your garden space.

Outdoor Dining Furniture

Bistro style wrought iron furniture on a garden patio.

Wrought iron dining furniture for a garden patio can be an intimate setting for two, such as a bistro style design, or you can have a larger round, oval or square wrought iron table with four to eight wrought iron chairs for seating. Though beautiful to look at, wrought iron is not the most comfortable seating option without added cushioning such as chair pads or pillows.

Lounging Furniture

Decorative wrought iron chair on a deck.

Wrought iron lounge furniture can be another decorative feature of a garden patio. Whether the design is sleek and simple or covered with elaborate elements, wrought iron lounging furniture adds a touch of elegance to any garden patio space.

Decorative Garden Hooks

Wrought iron shepherd's hooks have two or three ways to hang container plants, lanterns, wind chimes and other garden décor. A shepherd's hook has a hook at the top of the metal pole and at least one other hook placed lower on the post, but facing the opposite direction. Most shepherd's hooks have a spear-shaped bottom that can be inserted into the ground.


Decorative wrought iron garden lighting.

Wrought iron lanterns and candle holders fit well in an outdoor garden or on a garden patio. Like most other wrought iron features, candle holders and lanterns may be elaborately scrolled or sleek and simple.


Simple wrought planter attached to a wall.

Wrought iron planters are perfect for gardens and garden patios. The planters usually contain a separate planter or planting medium.

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