Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Get Curtain Poles For Bay Windows

Bay window rods allow you to easily hang curtains over a bay window.

Bay windows are beautiful. While their unusual angled shape is striking in itself, they also let in plenty of natural light and provide panoramic views. However, when it comes to curtains and curtain rods, homeowners are often perplexed at handle a bay window's unusual shape. Special bay window curtain rods, as well as a few other options, take away the difficulty in decorating bay windows. Does this Spark an idea?

Ready-Made Bay Window Curtain Rods

Bay window curtain rods are designed in several pieces but work together as one rod. They are specially designed so that each of the three rod sections is individually adjustable in length. This allows you to tailor each rod section to your specific bay window for a custom fit. While they are not as readily available as standard curtain rods, you can purchase them at specialty home stores and online. You may even be able to find them at some fabric stores or mass merchandise retailers.

Corner Connectors

Corner connectors are small hinged implements that fit into the ends of standard curtain rods in place of finials. Corner connectors allow you to connect curtain rods, while their hinges give the rods joints. You then bend the rods at the joints so they fit the shape of your bay windows. Install the rods on the wall with standard curtain brackets. Find corner connectors at specialty home stores, fabric stores or online. Before purchasing corner connectors, make sure they will fit your rods.

Custom Bay Window Curtain Rods

Some companies will manufacture custom curtain rods just for your bay window. In this case, either you or someone from the company measure your window, and the manufacturer custom makes a single rod that is just the right size, shape and angle to fit your bay window. Custom curtain rod fabricators may be hard to find. Call a wrought iron shop or try an online search.

Other Options

There are alternatives to hanging curtains on a bay window curtain rod. For example, hang three separate rods closely together, one over each window, and hang a single curtain or a pair of curtains on each rod. Another option is to forgo curtains all together and install a blind or shade over each window. Another option is to hang a long single rod across the outer wall of the window, as if you were hanging a curtain across a doorway.

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