Thursday, July 5, 2012

Decorate With A Grape Theme

Grapes represent abundance and health.

You can bring a bit of Tuscany or Napa Valley into your home by decorating with a grape theme. Whether you're looking to incorporate just a few knickknacks or completely change your decor, grapes add an element of classic sophistication to a room. Typically dominant in a kitchen, a grape theme represents abundance and health. Since fermenting grapes results in the creation of wine, include wine glasses and bottles in the elements of your grape-themed room. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Install a border featuring clusters of grapes in either purple or green along the top of a kitchen wall abutting the ceiling. Pick a press-and-stick style border for ease of application. Stand on a ladder and, beginning at one corner, unroll the border and press it firmly to the wall. Keep the border's top edge aligned with the top of the wall as you press it in place. Make the border stand out by applying it to a wall painted in a neutral or complementary color.

2. Dress the kitchen in new "clothes" featuring grape designs. Hang curtains decorated with images of grape clusters on a neutral background. Hide countertop appliances like toasters and blenders under grape-themed covers, and display dishtowels and pot holders bearing grape designs. Deck the kitchen table with place mats and napkins and the chairs with cushions featuring grape designs.

3. Decorate with grape-themed wall hangings and kitchenware. Put up a few photos or paintings or hang a small tapestry showing a vineyard. Sit a grape-cluster-covered cookie jar on the counter and add an appropriately themed napkin or paper towel holder and salt and pepper shakers. Put out a bowl decorated with grapes and fill it full of different varieties of the fruit, either real or plastic.

4. Add wine glass and wine bottle decorations to the grape-themed room. Fill a portable wine rack with bottles of vino and place it on the countertop. Pair up statues of Dionysus, Greek god of wine, as bookends for a selection of books about grapes and wine. Use a wine-cork trivet for hot pots coming off the stove. Place votive candles in empty wine glasses and light them to fill the house with an enticing fragrance.

5. Incorporate more permanent elements into your home if you are determined to go full tilt with the grape theme. Install a stained glass window or wrought iron porch railing that features clusters of grapes. Hang a chandelier made of wine glasses above the dining room table or grape-cluster pendant lights above a kitchen island.

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