Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Types Of Iron Fence Designs

Wrought iron fences are a classic and elegant mode of fencing in one's property or protecting a particular area, such as an in-ground pool. Iron fences are designed in a variety of styles to suit individual tastes. Does this Spark an idea?


A spire is a vertical piece of wrought iron that serves as a post in the fence. Typically, spires are spaced 6 inches apart, and can be upwards of 5 1/2 feet tall. Spires are also referred to as vertical members. A horizontal member is a piece of iron work that is placed sideways and runs parallel to the ground. Horizontal members typically appear at the top of a wrought iron fence. A finial is the ornamental top of the spire. A scroll is a decorative addition to fence designs that resembles a letter C with ends that curl inward in a loop or spiral design.


The Essex fence is designed to have a regal appearance and is the type of fence used to gate palaces in Europe. An Essex fence is distinguished by its repetition of scrolls placed back to back along the top portion of the fence with a spire running between them. The finials of an Essex fence are also noteworthy for their rounded, spear shape.


The Concord is simpler in design than the stylized patterns of the Essex. It has rounded finials similar to those of the Essex, but does not have scroll patterns. Instead, a series of circle-shaped rings separate each spire.

Concord Deluxe

The Concord Deluxe is a slight variation on the standard Concord. Its basic elements are the same, but its design includes shorter spires called dog pickets, which are located between each of the taller spires. One dog picket is located directly below each wrought iron ring, and is approximately 1/4 the size of the spires. Like spires, dog pickets are typically spaced 6 inches apart. A Concord Deluxe fence is made up a vertical wrought iron pole placed every 3 feet, alternating between dog pickets and spires.


An arche gate is stripped of the decorative elements of other gates. It is commonly used to balance ornately decorated gate doors. An arche gate is a simple row of vertical spires tipped with pointed finials.

Pool Fence

A pool fence is used to cordon off a pool area to protect passersby from drowning. In design, a pool fence looks similar to a Concord fence because it has consecutive rings; however there are no finials located above the rings.

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