Friday, January 16, 2009

7 Ways To Use A Longaberger Crock

Display utensils in a crock.

A Longaberger crock can be used in many ways and will make a beautiful addition to not only your kitchen, but your home office, living room or even the bathroom. Think outside the box and consider the crock a wonderful display vessel for kitchen utensils, pens and pencils, and even your toothbrush or hair accessories. Does this Spark an idea?

Keep Kitchen Utensils Accessible and Organized

Instead of searching through the entire kitchen for your wooden spoons, spatula or kitchen scissors, use a Longaberger crock to keep everything within easy reach. A paprika-colored 2-qt. pickling crock will give you the storage space you need with a beautiful color and design. You can find other styles to match any kitchen, whether it is modern or country. Keep your counters clutter free with a versatile crock.

Store Fruits and Vegetables or Serve Soup and Salads

Display your fruits and vegetables on the counter during a party in a Longaberger classic green pattern Woven Traditions 2-qt. crock. Measuring 6 inches in diameter and 6 1/2 inches deep, it is perfect for grapes, strawberries or a quick salad for two. When you're having a dinner party or family get-together, serve chili or macaroni salad in a Longaberger crock to make a tasty statement on your table.

Prepare Individual Meals and Freeze

Using the 1-pt. salt Longaberger crock to prepare and freeze individual meals ahead of time is a simple solution to quick dinners for one. If you don't have a lot of time to spend cooking in the evening or if you need a simple solution for an easy lunch at work, use your small Longaberger crock with a lid to go from the freezer to microwave to table in a matter of minutes.

Organize Pens and Pencils

An organized home office is essential. You will be more effective if you are not searching for your favorite pen or wondering where all of your pencils are. A Longaberger salt crock and small loaf dish look beautiful and will keep items within easy reach. You can stash paper clips, binder clips and extra staples in the 8-inch-long loaf dish, and you will no longer be embarrassed to show people your office.

Display Flowers in a Distinct Container

If you love the look of fresh flowers, create an arrangement in a Longaberger crock that will keep your family room looking bright and sunny. A tall crock will be a pretty solution when you can't find your regular vase. A Woven Traditions Longaberger crock comes in colors to match any decor.

Collect Loose Change in the Laundry Room

Stash a crock in your laundry room to collect change.

If you don't enjoy doing laundry, creating a beautiful room can make it a little less distasteful. Decorate your laundry room with fun accessories, and begin collecting all of the loose change from pockets in a tomato-colored 1-pt. Longaberger crock. Adding bright colors to the room may brighten your day, and saving up change will allow you to treat yourself to a coffee without feeling guilty.

Contain Toothbrushes, Hair Accessories or Extra Cotton Balls

Keeping your bathroom organized and pretty when guests come for a visit is easy with a Longaberger crock. Combining a tall 2-qt. Longaberger crock in cornflower blue with a pint salt crock with a lid will give your bath a distinct style. Put your extra toothbrushes or hair accessories in the open crock and small items inside the lidded crock so items stay neat and tidy while the crocks add color to the room.

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