Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mix Louver & Solid Shutters

All the shutters on your home do not have to exactly match, as long as they complement one another.

Mix louver and solid shutters to create a cohesive looking exterior design. If your budget allows, one option is to bring in some shutters that have both a solid and louver look to them. Hang them in a window that is centered between your louver and solid shutters. Otherwise, decorate the shutters and their surroundings to tie in the two different types. Does this Spark an idea?


1. A little color can make a big difference in the appearance of a home.

Paint or stain all of the shutters the same color. If they are made of plastic, use a very sticky paint that contains urethane. If you are staining wooden shutters, make sure to paint all six sides to avoid moisture damage.

2. Painting the entire surface, including the hardware, is always an option to make everything match.

Change all of the hardware to the same style and color. For example, all the knobs and hinges on the shutters could be changed to a classic white or modern chrome.

3. Install the same style of shutters symmetrically to create a cohesive looking pattern to your mismatched shutters.

Alternate the different styles around your house. For example, mix louver and solid shutters by having the solid ones on the outside corners and the louver ones on either side of your front door.

4. Keep your your outdoor window decor simple and uncluttered.

Place complementary decor on window sills and on the exterior of your home. For example, hang outdoor wrought iron decorations in similar designs around the windows such as in the shape of suns, moons and stars.

5. Complementary window treatments complete the look.

Hang window treatments inside your home that are similar in style and color, when they are on the same exterior wall. Another option to mix louver and solid shutters is to hang indoor shutters in the window that are painted or stained a complementary color.

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