Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Installation Requirements Of A Wood Cook Stove

Installing a wood cook stove safely.

Installing a wood cook stove has specific safety requirements to follow to prevent fires. A safe installation requires installing a floor and wall protector, proper stove pipe and specific distance placement from unprotected walls or combustible material. A heat shield will provide more protection against fires but is not mandatory. Does this Spark an idea?

Distance Requirements

A wood cook stove should be placed a minimum of 36 inches from an unprotected combustible wall. A protected non-combustible wall has a minimum placement requirement of 18 inches. Placing a protective device or heat shield on the unprotected areas cut those distances in half.

Stove Pipe

A Class A double-walled stove pipe is required to vent a wood cook stove. The double-wall pipe needs to extend through the wall and past the peak of the house 6 feet. A heat ring can be placed around the pipe and attached to the ceiling or wall. A minimum of 18 inches is needed between the stove pipe and combustible wall.

Floor Protectant

A non-combustible floor protectant is required. The minimum dimensions of the floor protectant is 18 inches larger than the base dimensions of the cook stove.

Heat Shield

A heat shield is optional. It reduces distance dimensions by half but does not eliminate the 18-inch floor protectant distance from the side of the wood cook stove with the fire box door.

The heat shield should be made of metal or brick. A 1-inch spacer is required between the combustible wall and heat shield. The back of the wood stove needs a minimum of a 12 inch clearance from the heat shield.

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