Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gothic Bedroom Colors

Simulate a stone wall in your bedroom.

Just because you paint your room all black does not make it Gothic. Black may be a predominant color in a Gothic theme, but it is not the only color. Grays, silvers, burgundy and deep rich reds are also included in the theme. Gothic d cor incorporates dark woods and metal accents as well as soft-textured fabrics and laces. Bring the color into your Gothic room in a variety of methods as you choose your Gothic bedroom colors. Does this Spark an idea?


Although you may want to paint the whole room black, consider using black as an accent color instead. Paint the bottom half of the wall black and run pinstripes up the top half of the wall. Stamp black painted fleur-de-lis along the top half or free-form scroll work. Another option is to run a Celtic design along the top of the wall scrolled in black, and bring the black up into the ceiling with a color wash of one part water to two parts black paint. Ground the floor with a black rug, or use several smaller throw rugs. A luxurious velvet black comforter with black satin sheets to adorn the bed with matching pillow shams carries black into the room.

Variations of Red

Deep burgundy and blood red are two colors incorporated into the Gothic theme. A wall painted in burgundy may be accented with a stone gray. Design the bottom half of the wall to resemble castle stones as you paint it gray and then draw off-centered rectangles to resemble stones. Add the burgundy to the top half and squiggle a couple of lines down the corner to simulate cracks in the wall. A burgundy satin comforter with sheets and pillow shams mixed with burgundy pillar candles are a good choice.

Blood red looks good with black. Stamp black kisses on a red wall, or dip a brush into the red paint and splatter it onto a black wall. Red lace curtains on the window with red velvet stapled to the walls creates a Gothic look.


Black ironwork brings in the medieval portion of Gothic. This includes a candelabra next to the bedside or a bed frame, shelving or table of wrought iron, or with legs of wrought iron. Bring silver and pewter tones into the design with the use of frames for artwork and photographs or mirrors. Another option includes shields, swords and gargoyle lamps. Incorporate metal tones into the bedding by the use of tassels or patterns on the pillow shams and comforter. Metal tie backs or metal links may be used as secure bedroom curtains and for draped canopy bed curtains.

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