Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cut Cast Iron Vent Pipes

Cast iron pipe is strong, but brittle.

Both old sewer lines and vent pipes were sometimes made of cast iron. Though cast iron pipes are strong and heavy, they can be brittle. Separating one piece of cast iron vent pipe from another requires some form of cutting. The best and quickest option is removing the section using a snap cutter. Snap cutters can be purchased, but may be available for rent for limited usage. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Mark the cast iron vent pipe at the two places where it needs to be cut, using a felt tip pen. Wrap the chain on the end of the cutter around the pipe at one of the marks.

2. Open the cutter's two handles fully, and pull the chain taut around the pipe. Fasten the closest link of chain to the hook at the end of the snap cutter's handle. The chain is attached to the end of one handle, and the hook is attached to the end of the other handle. Check that the chain is resting on the mark on the pipe.

3. Holding one handle in each hand, push them together quickly. The chain will create a clean straight break around the pipe. Open the cutter's handles, and remove the chain from the pipe. Repeat this process at the other mark on the pipe.

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