Wednesday, January 28, 2009

About Decorative Grills For Windows

Decorative grills for windows have been popular for ages.

Decorative window grills have been popular for thousands of years. The designs of the wrought iron grills forged by the Arabs long ago, with their lacy curves and symmetry of design, are favored to this day. Although wrought iron continues to be a favorite choice, today's grills are made of aluminum, vinyl and faux iron, which is an ecologically-friendly alternative. The variety of materials and designs available today can give every home a new look. Does this Spark an idea?


Wrought iron has been used for window grills for 2,000 years.

For 2,000 years, iron has been forged into intricate designs for a variety of uses. One of the most common has been for window grills. For reasons of safety and security, they make a stylish addition to every home. With the advent of aluminum and vinyl, choices have multiplied. Today's homeowner can find grills in any material and color from stainless steel to brass to vinyl and aluminum and the perennial favorite, wrought iron.


Grills can add strength and safety to windows.

Grills at the window can add strength and security to a house, while offering a timeless architectural touch. The addition of grills instantly gives a home character and beauty, adding a unique look. With the variety of styles and materials from which to choose, you can find the right style for any kind of home.


The addition of stained glass in a window grill creates a beautiful detail.

Aluminum can be shaped into a sleek and attractive one-piece grill that is stronger than steel yet lightweight. Vinyl grills are usually sandwiched between two plates of insulated glass in a variety of shapes, so your look can be colonial, prairie, classic, chalet, traditional, Victorian, or your own custom design. Faux iron is made from recycled wood, and is available in a large selection of classic designs, or you can create your own. It weighs only one-tenth what conventional wrought iron does, so it is an ideal choice for decorative applications. Wrought iron, which can now be made in every type of iron from stainless steel to brass or cast iron, remains the favorite.


Decorative grills provide safety and security.

Decorative grills for windows serve a variety of purposes. They provide safety and security. They can add architectural details to the exterior of the house. They provide a level of privacy and give your decor an instant face lift. They provide an architectural embellishment to the exterior of a house, enhancing its curb appeal and adding to the value of the property.


Vinyl and aluminum are the most affordable treatments. Faux iron is also relatively inexpensive. Any of the steel products, whether it's stainless or cast iron, will be more expensive. Material is only one factor in the price, since the intricacy of the grill design, and whether it's a stock style or a custom design also plays a large role in the cost of the final product.

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