Monday, January 26, 2009

Decorate A Plant Stand

A potted plant can add a touch of natural beauty to any space. If you wish to incorporate a living decoration of this type into your space, but don't have an appropriate place to put this plant, consider using a plant stand. Any plant stand, old or new, can be made more aesthetically pleasing with the addition of some decoration. By taking the time to beautify your plant stand, you can make the stand itself as attractive as the plant it holds. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Refinish the stand. If using an old stand, sand away the old varnish or paint and give it a fresh new finish. Using a paintbrush and varnish or paint of your choice, or using a spray-on enamel, refinish the stand, giving it a fresh and clean look.

2. Add decorative painting. Use a fine paintbrush and paint to add appropriate decoration such as ivy vines, strips or swirls, making your stand more distinctive.

3. Create a skirt. Select fabric in a hue that complements your other decor and craft a skirt. Measure the distance from the plant stand top to the floor, as well as the perimeter of the plant stand and craft your skirt to fit these dimensions. Gather the fabric for a flowing skirt, or create a contemporary look by making a sleek skirt that hangs straight. Use hot glue or thumb tacks to attach the skirt to the stand.

4. Add ribbon accents. Use decorative ribbon in a hue that matches your space or accents other colors in the room, and create bows to place on your stand. For an alternate ribbon option, wrap your ribbon around the edge of the plant stand top, creating a clean and polished edge.

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