Wednesday, January 28, 2009

About Decorative Wrought Iron Coat Hooks

Decorative wrought iron is an attractive choice for coat hooks.

Decorative wrought iron coat hooks are an attractive and sturdy way to organize your home. Whether used in an entryway to hold coats and dog leashes, a bathroom for towels or a bedroom for clothing, wrought iron coat hooks have plenty of uses. Being made of wrought iron makes them durable and useful, and you have a range of designs to customize for any decor style. Does this Spark an idea?


Wrought iron is made from cast iron that's been melted on a bed of iron oxide. After it's been melted, the iron's chemical properties change, causing its melting point to rise. In turn, the iron's consistency changes, so it's time to remove from the fire and hammer into shape. Wrought iron is strong and tough and can be welded and forged.


Wrought iron is "durable, it withstands the ravages of water, and it gains charm with years," notes Maxwell Aryton and Arnold Silcock in "Wrought Iron." Other benefits specific to coat hooks are wrought iron's ability to be shaped into almost any design, its classic black color, its timeless look and, for the best well-made iron, its ability to last for a number of decades. Some examples of Victorian and colonial wrought iron hooks still remain, even after 100 or 200 years.


Due to wrought iron's malleability, it can be shaped to look like a number of designs, from country to traditional to ornate. Wrought iron coat hooks can feature a single design attached to the hook that's incorporated into a design (like a row of cats with their tails for hooks), or feature a row of hooks with a design attached above. Wrought iron's popularity as coat hook material is testimony to its varied design styles. One of the most common design features a simple double curved hook, with a ball at the end of each curve. This prevents coats and hats from slipping off of a hook.


Decorative wrought iron coat hooks come in a small range of customizable colors, depending on the finish. Black is the most common, as it is the color of wrought iron. Hooks can also be rust or brown. Wrought iron may also be spray-painted any color to fit your particular decor.


Occasionally, decorative wrought iron coat hooks will look dusty or stained. To keep them in clean condition, take off the wall and wipe with water and mild dish soap. Keep wrought iron coat hooks indoors to prevent rust.

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