Sunday, January 18, 2009

Decorate With A Daybed

Decorative Daybed

While daybeds are built in several different styles, one thing that most daybeds have in common is their couch-like shape. Daybeds have a headboard, footboard and a sideboard. Some daybeds even include a trundle bed for an extra person to sleep in. The sideboard is perfect for propping up throw pillows or draping blankets for a couch look. Daybeds are traditionally used in children's rooms or guest rooms, but can serve as seating in living rooms as well. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Place your daybed in the room to be decorated. Positioning your daybed can be as important to your overall look as what you put on the bed. If space is a concern, consider positioning your bed into a nook that's seldom used. Another option would be to angle your daybed by placing it diagonally in a corner.

2. Make your bed. Put your dust ruffle between the boxspring and mattress (with the skirt hanging down to the floor). Put your fitted sheet on the mattress, add your top sheet and finish with your bedspread. Add an ottoman to accomplish the feel of comfort and to confirm it as a casual place to sit. If you want an even more convincing "couch look," add a "one size fits all" couch slipcover. The frame of your daybed will fill the slipcover's shape nicely.

3. Place your throw pillows against the sideboard. Arrange them any way you like. Larger pillows will provide the most supportive back cushioning. In choosing prints and textures for your pillows, consider shabby chic designs for a feminine look, or bright, solid colors for a modern look.

4. Place smaller throw pillows against the headboard and footboard. Consider cylinder shapes for an armrest look.

5. Add any finishing touches, such as a chenille throw or stuffed animal. You could also add end tables with plants or photo frames, and a throw rug to tie your space together.

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