Monday, January 19, 2009

Cast Iron Gifts

Cast iron gifts are truly gifts that will last a lifetime, especially if taken care of properly. Iron is the traditional gift for a sixth wedding anniversary. You can find cast iron gifts for everyone, from kitchen pans to an array of decorative items for the home and garden. When you do give a cast iron gift, you may also want to give instructions on take care of it.


Cast iron pans are great for different kinds of cooks. Some people just enjoy cooking with the heavy cast iron as opposed to aluminum or stainless steal. After year of use, the cast iron pans create a natural seasoning making them almost non-stick. You can also buy cast iron pans for people who enjoy hiking or camping. Cast iron pans come in all shapes and sizes, from small frying pans to large Dutch ovens to even muffin pans.

Wall Art/Home Decor

Find a wide variety of cast iron wall art for your friend or family member to hang in his home. Choose from cast iron wreaths, wall planters, sconces, decorative shelving and many other items. Candle holders are another idea for a cast iron home d cor gift. Candle holders come in so many different styles and sizes for holding only one candle or a whole candelabra to use on a fireplace mantle or as a table centerpiece. Choose gifts that have a purpose besides just dressing up the home. Find a cast iron hook or shelf that hangs on the wall for decorative items as well as for hanging up coats or towels, depending on the size of the hooks. Picture frames are another cast iron gift idea that many people can put to use. Cast iron picture frames also come in all shapes and sizes, ensuring that you can find the ideal one for your friend or family member.

Garden Decorations

If the person you need to buy a gift for enjoys gardening, you can find many ideas for a cast iron gift. Many garden benches are cast iron. You can find statues for the garden that are made from cast iron, however, choose a statue so that you and your friend can actually move, because cast iron is heavy. Buy pots for planting. You can even find garden stakes that are either decorative in themselves, hold colored glass inlays, or cast iron garden stakes that will hold flags.

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