Thursday, July 23, 2009

Decorate In A Bungalow Style

Decorate in bungalow style for a simple yet colorful look.

Bungalow style -- also known as cottage style -- gives your house a rustic, lived-in look. This style has transformed from a simple, natural-colored theme to a bright, cheery look. Combine antique items with bright and garden-themed colors to make your house look like a modern take on bungalow style. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Paint walls in warm and welcoming colors. Common bungalow color schemes include blue and white, blue and yellow, red and white, red and yellow, orange and white, green and white and neutral creme.

2. Decorate patios with redwood furniture for a rustic look. Place portable fireplaces on patio decks and iron shepherd hooks around the patio area to hang birdhouses and lanterns.

3. Place furniture pieces in warm white wood throughout the inside of your house. Using sage and creme-colored furniture indoors also helps impart a bungalow feel. Coordinate your white wood, wicker or wrought iron furniture with matching decorative fabrics.

4. Add color and soft lines with fabric. Purchase decorating fabrics in garden or outdoor colors such as pink, green, pale blue, yellow and white. Stay within the same color families when choosing colors. Use bold or muted floral patterns, stripes, chenille and plaid patterns as fabric designs. They add a floral and rustic look to your bungalow.

5. Decorate with fabrics around the house. Cover beds with quilts and fold antique quilts and place them around the house for decoration. Hang drapes and curtains in chintz fabrics and decorate shelves with vintage linens. Use eyelet fabrics for pillow shams, pillowcases or window valances.

6. Use farmhouse benches as coffee tables and side tables and replace bookshelves with antique kitchen stools to display books, plants or photos. Replace desks with antique kitchen tables and add wire baskets for storage.

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