Monday, July 27, 2009

Rustic Mediterranean Bed Styles

Mediterranean-style decorating originated in Spain, Italy, France and Greece. To decorate your bedroom in a Mediterranean style, you'll need a rustic bed as the centerpiece of the room. A rustic bed made from dark stained wood or black wrought iron sets the old-world style for the bedroom. Dress your bed in crisp white or earth tone colors such as brown, gold, bronze, terracotta or olive. Accent this color palate with vivid blues or wine colors. Does this Spark an idea?


Whether you choose the straight lines of a wood panel bed or a traditional four-poster bed, the wood should be rustic with a dark, distressed finish. Mediterranean-style headboards and footboards are tall, creating a dramatic focal point for the bedroom. Some Mediterranean-style beds have hand-carved details and metal accents, giving them an old European appearance.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is a durable, practical material for beds. Iron beds are available in many beautiful styles from classic to very ornate. You can purchase a wrought iron bed with simple, rustic lines or a more decorative, romantic design with ornate scrolls and curves. For Mediterranean style, keep iron beds a dark color, such as black or antique bronze instead of brass or white.


Some Mediterranean-style beds have headboards upholstered either in a brocade fabric or in brown, black or burgundy leather. Leather headboards look especially rustic when edged with nail-head trim. Other headboards and footboards have a combination of wood and padded leather inserts.


You can have a canopy bed in a Mediterranean-style bedroom in either wood or rustic wrought iron. Select a wood canopy bed with carvings on the headboard, footboard and posts. Dress the canopy in fabric to match or accent the bedding, with luxurious brocade or a light, sheer fabric. The color of a wrought iron canopy bed should be black or bronze.


Dress a Mediterranean-style bed with either simple or lavish bedding. Start with solid colored, classic sheet sets. For a simple bed, choose a matelasse bedspread in white or cream with antique style lace pillowcases. For a more elegant and sophisticated bed, use a brocade or damask bedspread or comforter with a bed skirt. Make sure the fabric has some shine, and select jewel tone colors or earth tones. Add decorative accent pillows with rich trims, such as fringe, tassels or beads.

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