Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Install Decorative Ceramic In A Cast Iron Frame

If you have a beautiful cast iron frame that you would like to convert into wall art, you can do so by gluing decorative ceramic tiles onto a board base and attaching the base to the cast iron frame. Set the cast iron frame at an angle on top of a bookcase or shelf. Or hang the frame on a bare wall for unique, charming art that brings back the days of old. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Turn the cast iron frame over so that the front is face down on your work surface. Measure the length and width using a tape measure.

2. Purchase a piece of plywood from a home construction store, where you can ask a store employee to cut the wood to your exact measurements.

3. Plug a hot glue gun, with a hot glue stick inserted, into a power outlet and allow the glue to warm up.

4. Place the plywood on the work surface. Place the cast iron frame on top of the wood. Draw the outline of the inside of the cast iron frame on the plywood using a pencil, with the cast iron frame as a guide. Lift off the frame. You will glue your tiles within the box you drew on the plywood.

5. Squeeze hot glue on the back of the ceramic tiles and press the tiles into the plywood. Allow the glue to dry. Squeeze glue along the borders of the plywood and place the cast iron frame on top of the glue. Allow the glue to dry before putting the frame on display.

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