Thursday, July 9, 2009

Decorative Candle Ideas For Weddings

Add Elegance With Candles

From arrangements of tea lights to tiered pillars, candles add a touch of romance and elegance to any event. When planning your wedding, don't just think of candles as accents---they also can take center stage as luxurious centerpieces. Read on for decorative candle ideas for all types of weddings.

Alternating Candle Light

Alternate centerpieces, so half of the tables are decorated with a display of tall candle holders as the focal point, while the other half are decorated with floral arrangements. Sprinkle rose petals on the tables with the candles. Scatter tea light candles on the tables with the floral arrangements. It will add a glowing dimension to your reception.

Exclusively Candles

For a stunning centerpiece arrangement that will save you money, bunch candles of varying heights and shapes in the center of your tables. For an added touch, place the candles on a square or round mirror. It's all you need for a classic nighttime reception.

Cake Stands & Candles

To create a luxurious candle centerpiece, use a crystal cake stand to elevate a cluster of various-sized and shaped crystal votive holders. As shown in "Better Homes and Gardens," this same touch can be achieved with a footed serving tray or silver candelabra.

Let Your Head Table Shine

Light up your head table by lining the front of the table (facing your guests) with tea lights and votives. Alternate votives and tea lights to add dimension and elegance. To add even more dimension, set the votive candles on top of a layer of small river rocks in the bottom of clear glass candle holders to give the glow more height. Keeping with the rustic river rock theme, add clear vases, filled one-third with small river rocks, between the candles. Have your bridesmaids place their bouquets in the vases (stems down) for a finishing touch of elegance.

Light up the Path

For outdoor wedding receptions, line the path to the reception with wrought iron garden stands. Hang lanterns illuminated with candles from the loops. This will set a romantic mood as your guests arrive.

Embellish Candles to Fit Your Theme

Cut back on cost. Dress up standard white or ivory pillars yourself. Lace them with satin ribbon and use hot glue to put pearls or rhinestones down the centers. Add satin roses or bows for an added touch.

Rose Petal Votives & Wreaths

Also as seen in "Better Homes and Gardens," give your wedding reception a Victorian feel by encasing plain, clear votive candle holders with rose petals. Or, if using tall pillars, wrap them with a wreath of whole roses. This is all you need to add a classical touch to your wedding.

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