Monday, July 20, 2009

Reuse Metal Posts

You can often re-use metal fence posts if you do not damage them during removal.

If you own a chain link fence, you may decide at some point to remove it or simply move it. Chain link fences can become damaged from severe weather, and may need repair or replacement. If you decide to pull up part of your fence, you can re-use the metal posts so long as you do not damage them too badly while you remove them from the soil. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Remove the fencing material and brackets from the metal fence post. Use a socket wrench to loosen and remove the bolts attaching brackets to the post. Cut the tie wires holding the fence to the posts.

2. Dig out the soil around the post. Depending on how you set the post, the post may or may not be set in concrete. If there is not concrete, you can usually wiggle the post free by digging a foot or two of soil from around the base.

3. Set a piece of wood on the ground next to the fence post if there is concrete securing it into the ground. Place a 5- to 6-foot length of pipe upright on the board. The pipe should be parallel to and touching the fence post.

4. Hook one end of a come-along hand winch into the top end of the pipe. Wrap the come-along cable around the post several times, then hook the cable to itself.

5. Crank the come-along cable until the it's tight. Pull back on the length of pipe and the post will push itself up from the soil.

6. Remove the concrete around the base of the fence post by gently tapping it with a sledgehammer or a regular hammer. Be careful not to dent or bend the post. You can leave the concrete chips in the old post hole and cover it with soil.

7. Clean any dirt and concrete residue off of the base of the post with a stiff wire brush. Remove as much dirt and grime from the post as you can so that the next time you set it, the concrete will adhere properly to it.

8. Dig a new hole for the post. Place the post in the hole, use a level to straighten the post, and pour concrete into the hole to set the post.

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