Friday, July 31, 2009

Rustic Rooster Kitchen Decor

The rooster represents farm-fresh cooking.

So popular is the rooster in home decor that entire sections of craft and consignment shops are dedicated to it. These decorations come in all shapes and sizes and all price points. They range from elegant to whimsical to comical. Does this Spark an idea?


Rooster-inspired decor represents home and farm-fresh cooking. Roosters are used to decorate a kitchen that reminds one of simpler times. A kitchen filled with roosters creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.


The rooster works well in a decor with other "homey" items such as canisters, cookbooks, wooden or tin advertisements, mixing bowls, an apron hanging on a single hook, and wicker baskets. Lay a braided rug for an authentic country look. Add touches of wrought iron, glass and ceramic for a more Mediterranean feel.

Optional Accessories

An abundance of rooster-inspired kitchen accessories is available, including teakettles, dish towels, plates, pot racks, bar stools, kitchen chairs, oven mitts, clocks, trivets and cookie jars.

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