Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Information On Antique Cast Iron Nickel Plated Miniature Stoves

Into the early part of the 20th century, salesmen carried replicas of larger items. Known as salesman samples, the pieces were often made of cast iron and were sometimes coated with nickel plating. At the same time, toys were manufactured in the same way. Both the toy stoves and the salesman samples are rare and hard to find today, making the small stoves collectibles. Does this Spark an idea?

Salesman Samples

Up until the 20th century, salesmen were forced to travel long distances, with their salary dependent upon the number of sales made. It was impossible to transport heavier or larger objects, including stoves and other types of appliances. Manufacturers designed smaller replica versions of the original stoves, which salesman used on their sales routes. The stoves looked exactly the same as the real ones and had the same features. Customers had the chance to see exactly what they were buying, without the need to transport the appliance to their home first. Salesman samples may have the manufacturer's name stamped onto the bottom of the stove.

Toy Stoves

Cast iron nickel plated stoves were sold by multiple manufacturers, well into the 1930s. Companies marketed the toys to young girls, who mimicked the way their mothers used their own stoves. The toy stoves typically came with cookware or bakeware, such as miniature pots and pans or baking dishes. The pieces were made of the same cast iron, but in sizes small enough to fit inside the cast iron stove. The toy cast iron stoves always came with a box that detailed the model number or name, which salesman samples lacked.


When you find a cast iron nickel plated stove, don't automatically assume that it's an original piece. Even in the modern day, it's still possible to find reproduction stoves made to look like the real ones. Always check the piece carefully and pay special attention to the iron. The original stoves had a smooth feel, while fakes or replicas have a rough texture. Run your hand across the piece and note how it feels to your touch.


It's difficult to put a clear price on the value of cast iron miniature stoves because multiple companies manufactured the pieces. Clifford Boram of Antique Stove Information Clearinghouse claims that the most desirable and valuable toy stoves are those sold by companies that actually manufactured the full-size stoves. Stoves that looked like a real-life range are more valuable than those that resembled a cook top stove.

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